Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Naples Botanical Gardens

My Visit to The Gorgeous Naples Botanical Gardens. I couldn't get enough of the beautiful water lilies !!


  1. Hi Ann !
    These photos are gorgeous ! The lilys and the duck shots are amazing ! I loved those gardens ! Thanks for joining my blog as a follower as well. I appreciate all your interest and comments over at my blog ! XOX

  2. You are more than welcomed. Thanks Shirley...I am enjoying your blog as well.

  3. Hi Ann!
    Woooow so many different kinds of beautiful and colourful waterlilies there! incredible! Nice shots and well captured again!
    Loooove the ducks pics too, with the movement of the water and the great reflections, just amazing!
    Well done again!
    Greetings, Marlene :)

  4. This pictures are gorgeous Ann!